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(East Caribbean Currency Authority)

The ECCA is formed by eight countries. The notes have a control letter which identify each country: Antigua & Barbuda (A), Dominica (D), Grenada (G), Saint Kitts and Nevis (K), Saint Lucia (L), Monteserrat (M), Anguilla (U) and Saint Vincent (V).

View the Antiguan & Barbudan banknotes

Antigua & Barbuda

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View the Grenadian banknotes


View the Kittitian and Nevisian banknotes

Saint Kitts and Nevis

View the Saint Lucian banknotes

Saint Lucia

View the Montserratian banknotes


View the Anguillan banknotes


View the Saint Vincentian & the Grenadian banknotes

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

1 Dollar (1965) - Pick 13 ECCA - 1 Dollar (1965) - Pick 13
5 Dollars (1994) - Pick 31 ECCA - 5 Dollars (1994) - Pick 31

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